This Swedish Muhammara always cracks me up... huge letters on cover says "WITHOUT NUTS", ingredient list says "may contain nuts".

This I missed! Thank you Firefox!

In a better world, sure we could have cross-site cookies possible. But the state of the web is "privacy intrusion by default" and a giant waste of resources (all that tracking becomes big data, ML, statistics and commercials).

LOL my screen just froze: My *actual* screen froze and I had to hard reset it. Because it's a DisplayPort screen so it has software that can freeze.

First try.. and one garlic became 7... with proper sun, they would have been a lot bigger. Growing garlic really seems like a good home-project. Lots of tutorials online.

I like the quick version: Take a garlic and peel off the outer shell, then let the lower half be covered in water for some weeks, until each clove has green leaves and roots and they start to separate. Put each clove in soil, given them a lot of sun and water. After 2-3 months, you have new garlic!

Btw I am now part of the Read the Docs team!

Reading and getting inspired from other great documentation projects is what makes us good at writing our own documentation!

Since there are 80,000+ projects on the platform - way more than we can be acquainted with - I would love to hear back about some awesome examples of Open Source documentation projects that you've seen on Read the Docs.

Link spam me please :)

Or share here:

Very warm here.. Was missing a fan so connected a couple of old server fans in the bedroom... which now sounds like a server room 👌

For this microk8s, it seems like the "dev-ex" marketing and 3-step Getting Started guide has overshadowed the need for a serious introduction to a complex tool. I don't get the choice of Snap as the *only* distribution method for this kind of tool, neither... but maybe in the future, I should see it as a red flag, when the application isn't intended for desktop and no alternatives are provided.

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Hello k3s, you're going to be my new friend, even though you're just a giant binary.

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"microk8s inspect" gives zero useful output, a tarball full of really obvious files, maybe something customer support would want while wasting the customer's time.. but certainly not a sysadmin who's debugging. How are +100k lines from my syslog not in this output?

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On a Digital Ocean Ubuntu 22.04 LTS image (so pretty much vanilla), this snap-distribution produces 100k+ log entries within 10 hours of all kinds of crap, I already spent almost 1 hour looking at crazy snapd+systemd output, waiting for commands that hang without output etc. Some kind of system update sent the server amok.. maybe a systemd restart, maybe a snapd auto update. But I really wouldn't expect this from following the official guide on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

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tldr; I hate a lot on Snap. So I was a bit disappointed that microk8s seemed so easy to install and get started with and is *only* available as a snap. After some self-reflection, I let go of my principles of not using Snap. Why not give a quick chance again? Maybe snap can be bad in one scenario and good in another?

Well, not really.. it seems - to me - that people who are distributing with Snap are just too much in a hurry and the quality is low.

Two software engineering positions are available in Manchester, UK. If you're into helping regular people make changes towards their energy footprint by using sensors, and / this might be for you. And it's all open source!

I think you have to be able to work from the UK, but otherwise remote is an option. Do write Matt an email to confirm if you're interested.


LOL what these are actual book titles... »The Christian Case for Bitcoin: Bitcoin redeems money. How does this affect Christians and why we should care« and
»Thank God for Bitcoin: The Creation, Corruption and Redemption of Money«

TIL RTL; Having right-to-left support on websites is really with Bootstrap, since all of the bootstrap classes are already RTL-sensitive.

After building our SASS, we run a post-processor on the final CSS output and it will generate an RTL version. Very nifty.

Interesting to see AWS trying their luck with phony on-prem (»AWS manages that hardware«).

This means that the Schrems II ruling had an effect. However, governments have to stand firm on the reasoning for on-prem and not let it slide into a completely meaningless play on words.

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